Get started with Ethereum development

This is kinda part of the Maneki-Neko series, as it explains the basic setup to get stared with Ethereum development.

Ethereum is a block-chain based ledger system and an crypto-currency. I want to build a small application where you can send some ether to a wallet and the cat will wave or do other things (that i’ll need to teach her).

The first thing is to get an ethereum client running and let it connect to a test blockchain.

Note: I’m running Linux Mint Sylvia (an Ubuntu derivate) and everything is based on that

1. Install and sync Parity to the TestNet

First we install the Ethereum Client partiy from

  1. Go to and download the dpkg file
  2. Install with sudo dpkg -i parity_1.10.4_ubuntu_amd64.deb (You version might vary, tho)
  3. Start parity on the kovan chain ( with parity --chain=kovan and wait for it to sync. It’s finished when you see Imported #<blocknum> messages in the terminal

2. Create a wallet/account on the kovan chain

  1. Run parity --chain=kovan account new
  2. Give the account an password
  3. It will spit out your Ethereum address on the kovan blockchain

You can always lookup your accounts using parity --chain=kovan account list

(Note: parity also ships with an ui. you can start it by running parity --chain=kovan ui)

3. Get some ether to play with

Now we need some money to either spend on GAS (you need this to pay the network for runnig your smart-contract code) or to send to other accounts on the test network.

To get some for free we can use a Kovan Faucet service.

A list of services can be found here

If you already have some ether on the “real” blockchain aka mainnet you can SMS verify your mainnet account and get some ether automatically this way.

But here on this blog we’re cheap and want to avoid spending money when possible, so we will use the gitter faucet.

For that you need our account address on the kovan chain. See above if you forgot how to get it.

With that we go to and login with our github account (Click “Sign in to start talking”).
After authentication we choose “Join room” and copy’n’paste our account address and send it to the room. Now we watch the chat and see if our address gets some funds.

after you see your address start parity with the ui flag (parity --chain=kovan ui), navigate to the Accounts tab and you should have 5.00 KETH in your dev account to play with.